Shyam Sadhu is a generous man from Geetanjali Gardens, Rae Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The guy is animal lover and environmentalist. He is basically famous for organizing ‘Vanar-bhoj’ or feasts for monkeys on a daily basis from morning to evening. He considers the living monkeys as the personification of Lord Hanuman. As per his belief, instead of offering sweets and fruits to the idol of Hanuman ji in the temples, it is much better to feed these living representatives of Hanuman ji. Hanuman ji will be much pleased with you if you do this.

I also agree with his views. We should take care of all living beings around us. There should be no animal abuse. And no human being or any animal shall suffer or die in the absence of food, love, and care.

Shyam Sadhu brings home all kinds of animals who get injured or abandoned, be it monkeys, cows, calves, donkeys, dogs, pigs or any other animal. He tries his best to get them treated and medicated even when he does not have that much amount of money with him, but he manages somehow. He has been doing this for so many decades. He is nearing 80 years of age now, still, he is unstoppable and very active. He spends all the money he receives or he has on these animals.

Someone might have suggested him to open his channel on YouTube and let others in the world know about it also so that people will get motivated or at least awakened so that after he is gone, there will be many people to take care of these animals around them. Also, there are people who send some monetary help to him for this rare kind of work that he does in his life. Yes, he is but finicky too 😀 but that’s perfectly normal. He sometimes gets frustrated or irritated by all the stupidity of people going around him. People talk much but hardly they do something in life. This guy Shyam Sadhu has only done great work in his life. He is the genuine animal lover who does what he preaches, unlike, all those self-proclaimed animal care organizations gulping huge amount of grants and money that is available to them under the banner of being NGOs. Thankfully, he has found many good people who keep helping him now. But the actual tasks are still only done by this near 80-year-old man.

I came to know about him on YouTube only. And since then I have been following his daily updates and am very motivated by his thought process. To know more about him first hand, go and visit his YouTube channel. The link is mentioned below. He also shares his contact details regularly on his video. If you wish then you can get in touch with him on call. But a request, kindly do not trouble him much as he complains about people calling him and wasting his time just for fun. If people can’t help then at least they must not disturb someone in doing the kind of work that he does.

Answered By Ajay Thakur on Quora